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Impossible Saints and Fair Exchange

Daughters of the house - MICHELE ROBERTS

These two books, Imossible Saints and Fair Exchange, but the author of Daughter's of the House, Michelle Roberts I have just read back-to-back. They're very different to each other, but both demonstrate Rogers love of France and of the 19th century. The first looks at the lives of female saints, a subject that will sujest both suffering and rapture. Her theme is that ordinary women might deserve sainthood for seizing the sensory and spiritual world. She begin Fair an Author’s Note explaining that she had  the idea of writing a novel about Mary Wollstonecraft  and William Wordsworth’s love affair at the beginning of the French Revolution, with Annette Vallon. What she does, however, is introduce a fictional friends  of Wordsworth’s; William Saygood and Jemima Boote. So from the start the reader knows that some of the events, places and people are fictional. Both are beautifully crafted books with lyrical descriptions, sometimes of mundane things. The twist end, keeps you reading.